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Students Actively Valuing the Environment

Students Actively Valuing the Environment(SAVE) is our pilot program specifically designed for students to learn about climate change and sustainability through action.

Education in Action

Research shows focusing on personally relevant and meaningful information, coupled with active teaching methods, leaves students better prepared for the future.

This program, which is a collaboration between Walking Softer and The Center for Scholars & Storytellers at UCLA,  does just that. We provide our partner groups with both the educational tools necessary to develop climate literacy, and tangible support to tackle community projects that reflect real change.

Center for Scholars & Storytellers

How It Works

Step 1

We provide participating groups with comprehensive climate literacy and sustainable systems lesson plans, a project framework, and project funding.

Step 2

Our partners use these materials with their student groups to design and implement a community project.

Step 3

Student groups share their work and continue to grow the impact of their project.

Student Outcomes

Enhance understanding of the role humans play in both causing and solving climate change and unsustainable systems

Gain exposure to green jobs by engaging and interacting with environmental professionals and organizations, including learning about budgets and grants

Be able to effectively articulate challenges and opportunities related to climate change and sustainable systems

Advocate for the environment and feel empowered to pursue personal environmental interests

Take informed personal and community-wide action to become part of the environmental solution

Who’s Doing What?

These are SAVE programs that are currently active:
Surfrider Foundation

After school clubs for high school students engaging in climate change and sustainability projects in various locations around the country.

Mt. Saint Joe High School

Environmental science 15 week in class curriculum for juniors and seniors in Baltimore, MD.

Geffen Academy

Capstone projects focused on climate change for graduating seniors in Los Angeles, CA.