We Are Walking Softer

Together we can create meaningful global change one step at a time.

About Us

Our vision is an inclusive, biodiverse world where all life thrives.

With eight billion people on the planet all desiring and deserving to live a decent life, we must reinvent how we live. We’re currently trapped in an endless cycle of hyper-consumerism with a consume, trash, repeat mentality.

This short-sided mindset must be challenged. How we make things like food, clothes, and consumer goods must evolve to be more sustainable. The same is true for transportation, construction, and energy production — it is all ripe for reinvention. This necessary shift is also the biggest economic opportunity the world has ever known.

We are on a mission to inform, inspire, and support change-makers to take bold and immediate action in the conservation and regeneration of our planet.

Our Approach

Raise awareness on the current state of our planet

Highlight the massive economic opportunity being created around the reinvention of how we live

Fund change-makers through awards, investments, and scholarships

Encourage individual and collective action with the planet in mind

Walking Softer Team

While our disciplines and expertise are as diverse as our backgrounds, we share a common vision of inspiring and supporting each other in designing a better, more sustainable future for our planet.

Tighe Brown
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Ali Dunford
Operations Director
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Jackson Ray
Education Manager
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Lauren Xie
Research & Strategy
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Alex Vilgertshofer
Creative Director
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Lukas Haynes
Senior Advisor
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Marcy Sutherland
Program Manager
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Qianning Tang
Research Assistant
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Taylor Cotton
Communications Manager
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