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Together we can create meaningful global change one step at a time.

Our Mission

Walking Softer is on a mission to inform, inspire, and support change-makers to take bold and immediate action in the conservation and regeneration of our planet.

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Reimagining Our World

We’ve all been caught up in an endless cycle of hyper-consumption, and now, all 8 billion of us must evolve to become more sustainable in how we live. The redesigning of resource use and the rewilding of our planet represents the biggest economic opportunity any of us have ever looked into. Let’s get moving!

Our Team
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Our Investments & Partners

Together We Move From The Industrial Revolution To The Sustainable Revolution  

We are excited to find more world-class investors, companies, and nonprofits to continue investing in. We believe our legacy will be work that drives genuine value and inspires massive environmental change. Together we can reinvent the world while being more in balance with the planet.