Von Wong's Skull Of Satoshi


Meet the 11-foot skull that Young Leaders Award recipient Von Wong built to terminate Bitcoin’s impact on climate change.

Everything we do online takes energy.

A single google search? That takes 1080 Joules of energy*.

Streaming an hour of Netflix? 288,000 Joules*.

One Bitcoin transaction? A mindboggling 6,995,000,000 Joules.*

Bitcoin is an energy monster, burning a ton of fossil fuels – but it could disappear overnight if someone designed the right software update.

“Bitcoin has updated its code many, many times in the past and will continue to do so into the future. So why not make sure the next iteration of code is less wasteful? Since Bitcoin is decentralized, popularity matters, and making sure that people are demanding a more sustainable Bitcoin is crucial.” - @vonwong

But before that can happen, more people need to know about the problem – so Von Wong built a giant skull with laser eyes out of electronic waste to make some noise.

Help us draw attention to this issue by creating your own art remixes with AI!

Create your own AI remixes of the Skull of Satoshi using this guide created by Manu.Vision and the Activism Studio. Get creative and help us spread awareness - #SkullOfSatoshi

Read more about Von Wong's Skull of Satoshi.


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