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About Walking Softer

With eight billion people on the planet deserving a quality life, we must reinvent how we live - our endless cycle of hyper-consumption with a use, trash, repeat mentality must be challenged.

How we produce food, clothes, and consumer goods must evolve to be more sustainable. The same is true for transportation, construction, and energy production.

The time to reimagine how we produce and consume is now and the result will be the greatest opportunity ever known.

Walking Softer was founded to address our growing global pollution and consumption challenges and the unsustainable impact it is having on all societies and species. We are on a mission to inform, inspire, and support changemakers to take bold and immediate action in the conservation and regeneration of our planet.

Be the changemaker. Walk with us.


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As we look ahead, we wish to express our gratitude for accompanying us on this journey. Your participation has played a pivotal role in fostering a healthier future for our planet.

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