Education All-Stars Competition


Congratulations to University City High School in San Diego, California for winning our inaugural Education All-Stars competition and a big shout-out to all of the amazing groups that participated - Together we can create meaningful global change one step at a time!

Participating groups included - San Pedro High School Surfrider Club, University City High School Surfrider Club, St. Mary's Ryken Science National Honors Society, and Virginia Beach Environmental Studies Program.

About the Walking Softer Education All-Stars Competition:

Groups participating in the Walking Softer Education program were eligible and encouraged to enter the All-Stars Competition, where participants created a videos highlighting the community project they worked on during the program.

The videos were presented to a panel of judges during the virtual competition night. Using provided criteria, the judges selected winners, and all members of the winning team received sustainable rewards!

This competition was an opportunity for students to celebrate the work they’ve done, as well as learn about what other students are doing to positively impact the environment in their own communities.

2023 All-Stars Competition is now closed.If you are interested in participating in our 2024 competition, email us.


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