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Checking In With Turner Wyatt


Young Leaders Award recipient Turner Wyatt is a social entrepreneur focused on reducing food waste and improving our environment and economy. Turner is the co-founder of four award-winning organizations: Denver Food Rescue, Bondadosa, Fresh Food Connect, and Upcycled Food Association. He was named one of the Top 20 Emerging Leaders in Food and Ag, and the waste industry's 40 under 40 award. He is a Fink Fellow, and was chosen by the Mayor of Denver, Colorado to serve on the City's Sustainable Food Policy Council.

Turners Project: Sustainable Acquisition Entrepreneurship

A business model which helps prevent climate change and reduce income inequality by acquiring at-risk businesses, and making them more profitable and sustainable by using more environmentally friendly supply chain inputs, and converting the business into an employee-owned company.

We recently checked in with Turner to learn more about his background and plans for the conservation and regeneration of the planet.

Walking Softer: What is a milestone on your climate action journey thus far?

Turner: The biggest accomplishment of my career thus far is to have been involved with the creation of Upcycled Certified(TM), the world's first product certification for upcycled products.  

Walking Softer: What do you do for self-care and fun?

Turner: I am a skier, cyclist, and climber. I spend as much time in the mountains as possible and love to share these moments with friends.

Walking Softer: Who or what sparked your interest in becoming an environmental changemaker?

Turner: I have to give credit to the INVST Community Leadership Program and Sabrina Sideris at the University of Colorado at Boulder. It's a social and environmental justice program that inspired me to take on my career.  

Walking Softer: Any people or organizations that you would like to thank?

Turner: I'd love to thank the Walking Softer team, especially Ali Dunford Milburn for believing in me all these years. I'd also love to give a shoutout to the organizations that got me to where I am today: Upcycled Food Association, Fresh Food Connect, Denver Food Rescue, and Bondadosa.

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