Stop The Perpetual Plastic Machine


The Perpetual Plastic Machine is a colossal 15-foot-tall art installation laying out the toxic union of fossil fuels and plastic production. It is the brainchild of Artist, Activist, and Young Leaders Award recipient Benjamin Von Wong, created in collaboration with Greenpeace to demand a legally binding treaty that caps and phases down virgin plastic production while supporting a just transition for workers in the plastics sectors. The Perpetual Plastic Machine physically illustrates the destructive lifecycle of plastics - from extraction to disposal - relentlessly producing plastic, echoing the relentless rhythm of the industry it represents.

As we stand on the precipice of INC-2, where the details of the Global Plastics Treaty will be deliberated, we hope this machine will serve as a steadfast visual reminder of the urgency of this issue. We call on you - individuals, organizations, and governments alike - to stand beside us and this symbol of relentless plastic production.

For those in Paris, you can experience the installation yourself at the Musee d'Orsay between the May 27th - June 2nd.

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