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Checking In With Jasmin Graham


Young Leader's Award recipient Jasmin Graham’s work encompasses the areas of science communication, social justice, outreach, education, and conservation. She cares deeply about protecting endangered and vulnerable marine species, particularly elasmobranchs. Jasmin is the President and CEO of Minorities in Shark Sciences (MISS), an organization that supports women of color in shark sciences. She is excited to help open doors for more underrepresented minority students to join the exciting field of marine science.

Jasmin's Project: Integrated, Coordinated, Open, Networked, Inclusive Conservation of our Oceans (ICONIC Oceans)

This project aims to connect BIPOC folks around the world studying or participating in fisheries to share resources, data, and skills to assess data-deficient fisheries better and help promote and support sustainable ocean use in their local communities.

We recently checked in with Jasmin to learn more about her background and her plans for the conservation and regeneration of the planet.

Walking Softer: What brought you to your work in climate and environmental justice?

Jasmin: As I entered the climate and environmental science space I realized several things 1) there weren't a lot of people that looked like me in any of the conservation spaces 2) the people who weren't in the room were getting demonized and blamed from environmental issues and 3) not enough people were acknowledging the disproportionate impact environmental issues were having on the people not in the room and so I committed to change that. It starts with getting everyone in the room, but that's not where it ends we have to make sure that we have equity and justice in mind in all of our conservation discussions and that everyone's voice is heard.

Walking Softer: What do you do for self-care and fun?

Jasmin: I love to play board games and see plays and shows.

Walking Softer: Who or what inspires you?

Jasmin: I'm continually inspired by other changemakers, particularly young people and other folks who haven't traditionally been part of the conversation. We are all working together to build a new table, one where everyone is welcomed and valued and it's truly inspiring.

Walking Softer: Any people or organizations that you would like to thank?

Jasmin: The MISS Co-founders Carlee Bohannon, Jaida Elcock, and Amani Webber-Schultz and all the MISS Members, Friends of MISS, supporters, and partners who are too numerous to name.

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